2004-09-26, Sunday


Well, it has been a tumultuous year for everybody involved. Hidetoshi has gotten engaged - congratulations to him. Minky-chan has finished high school and is taking a year off to work before going on to university. I've found a new job and made new plans - one of which is to abandon the HIOS.org project and move on to different things. My LiveJournal has become a repository for Japanese media. My writing has been moved to FictionPress. All that is left for HIOS.org is to become a short-term image server until it is to be canceled next year when the domain name expires. In the coming weeks, I will be shutting down the site. I thank all of you who have visited this site in the past for supporting us.

Not to say that HIOS.org will be gone forever... I may regroup in the future and start something else new if things go well with my new writing venture. Until then, keep checking my MugenHAN.com website!

Sayonara, minna-san!